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Helping to support local women in business

NFWIB is North Fingal’s largest and most influential community for women. At NFWIB, we know that every woman is capable of achieving amazing things. But we also know you can’t do it alone.

So that’s where North Fingal Women In Business comes in.

Our Mission

The mission of the network is to help women to harness and develop their amazing leadership qualities, as well as to speed up the empowerment of women through leadership development and a professional network.

North Fingal Women In Business Network makes it easy for women to find, share and create information and referral networks.

What We Do

NFWIB was created by women, for women and encompasses the ‘Five To Thrive’ areas of success: business, community, financial, physical and social. 

No matter which stage of business each North Fingal Women’s Network member is at, there will be another member of this network who can offer support and advice from their business experience to enable members to leverage their business success. NFWIB also runs annual, face to face, networking events and leadership programs in the North County Dublin area.

Who We Are

North Fingal Women In Business is about helping all female business owners to play a bigger game. Whether you’re running your own show, or just missing a sense of connection and support, NFWIB is all about giving you the tools you need to propel yourself and your businesses forward.

Edel Mcguinness

Edel Mcguinness

Committee Member & Founder

Mary Simons

Mary Simons

Committee Member & Founder

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Monica Hickey

Monica Hickey

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Member Spotlight

If there’s one thing we know at North Fingal Women In Business, it’s that the best lessons come from the people around us and the ones who have come before us. That’s what this page is all about – sharing, learning, being vulnerable and inspiring each other.

Now sit back, grab a cuppa and a notebook, and enjoy …


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Membership is Free!

Join us here at North Fingal Women In Business. Here you’ll find the community, accountability, and support to really break through in your business.

Here’s to doing what you love every day.

We promise never to spam, rent, or sell your information.

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